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Cover Story 03Gone are Dhanmondi’s Days of Glory

Crass commercialization takes its toll

It was way back in 1952 that Dhanmondi emerged on the scene, a planned and pristine residential area for the crème of Dhaka. Laid out on a 500 acre stretch of land, there were 1083 plots, each for an individual independent house. Today 1592 buildings are crammed into the same area, and only 52 percent of these as residential accommodations...



Bangladesh falters in non-traditional exports

PS 033Bangladesh’s export market is shrinking and exports of non-traditional items are faltering. Exports earnings are depending more and more on a limited few specific items and the sector is fraught with risk, say experts. Meanwhile, the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) took up a ‘one district, one product’ scheme. The scheme aimed at selecting at least one item from each district of the country for export purposes and closing the gap between the cities and villages in this regard. However, EPB couldn’t make much progress with this scheme...


Interview 013Photographer Anwar Hossain

My dream of an archive remains a dream

Anwar Hossain has been taking pictures for the last five decades. If a list of Bangladesh cinema’s 20 best films is drawn up, he’ll be the cinematographer in 15. He is among the top few Bangladeshi photographers who have won international renown. There is invariably a sense of frustration behind great achievement and this has not...



Reports 073The fatal attraction of motorbikes

The motorbike is perhaps the most thrilling vehicle, but the most risky too. And in the hands of the youth in Bangladesh, it often becomes a death machine. This was revealed in the findings of research and transport experts of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).They say the dismal failure of the country’s public transport system, its inefficiency...



Article 013Mother Theme:Plight of Minorities in India

Indian capital New Delhi under BJP Government is witnessing an unusual surge in the acts of vandalism targeting minorities, specially the Christians. In a recent incident, Hindu extremists wreaked Christian convent "Holy Child Auxilium School" in South New Delhi. Earlier, in the recent past, five Christian Churches were desecrated and no arrests were made. Adding further to their agonies...